City of Hartford
Hiroshima Remembrance Day
In the City of
August 6, 2009


Whereas,   The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuclear attacks near the end of WWII against Japan by the United States at the executive order of U.S. President Harry S. Truman on August 6, and August 9, 1945; and


Whereas,    Hiroshima was the primary target of the first nuclear bombing mission on August 6, with Kokura and Nagasaki being alternative targets.  August 6 was chosen because clouds had previously obscured the target; and


Whereas,   At the time of the bombing, Hiroshima was a city of minor industrial and military significance.  Although a number of military camps were located nearby,  Hiroshima was a relatively insignificant supply and logistical base for the Japanese military; and


Whereas,    The bombing of Hiroshima created an atrocious death toll of 200,000 innocent civilians and after its catastrophic effects, on too many occasions, nations of the world have come close to using nuclear weapons; and


Whereas,   In recognition of the human cost and destruction wrought by the bombing of Hiroshima the city of Hartford calls for an end to the proliferation of nuclear weapons; Now Therefore Be It


Resolved,   That the United States should lead by example in the area of nuclear weapon reductions so we can work towards the President Obama’s goal of controlling nuclear weapons proliferation and abolishing nuclear weapons.  I, Eddie A. Perez, Mayor of the City of Hartford , joined with members of the Court of Common Council, do hereby proclaim Thursday, August 6, 2009 , as


Hiroshima Remembrance Day

In the City of Hartford

August 6, 2009