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Suggested beginning of all letters

To Senators Dodd and Lieberman:

  • Introduce a resolution in the Senate so we can strengthen the Nuclear -Non-proliferation Treaty
  • Cosponsor S1914 to oppose production of new forms of nuclear weapons until a review is conducted
  • Work to take our nuclear weapons off of hair trigger alert
  • Raise these issues in the Presidential election.

To House Representatives:

I urge you to Co-sponsor House Res. 68 which calls for the strengthening of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Sample Letter One:

The Bush Administration is leading us into a new nuclear arms race by pursuing the creation of a new generation of nuclear weapons . A new nuclear arms race is not what we need right now. The United States should set an example to the world by agreeing to the terms of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty which calls for reductions in all nuclear arsenals as part of the process of preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons through out the planet.

Sample Letter Two

The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty calls for reduction of nuclear weapons on the part of the nuclear nations in return for the commitment of the non-nuclear nations to not develop nuclear weapons. This treaty is being dismantled by the Bush administration insistence on aiding India in its nuclear power and weapon program and it's push to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons. Let us preserve the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty for future generations.

Sample Letter Three

I am very concerned about the fact that nuclear weapons are being considered in regard to the conflict with Iran. I am also concerned that the Bush Administration wishes to develop so called " usable" nuclear weapons. We need to put nuclear weapon disarmament on the nation's agenda before these horrible weapons are used.

Talking points

Please use one of the talking points as a basis of a short letter you can write now.

1. The Article 6 of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty calls for all nuclear nations to reduce their nuclear weapon arsenal in return for the non-nuclear nations remaining non-nuclear. This treaty has been the basis for controlling the spread of nuclear weapons, up until recently , but it is being threatened by the aid the Bush Administration is giving to India's nuclear program and plans to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons.

2. The Bush administration is proposing to develop a whole new generation of nuclear weapons . Some of these may be considered "usable" due to their smaller size. This is a dangerous escalation of the arms race and will increase the danger of their use.

3. The Bush Administration, as well as a number of serious presidential candidates, are considering first strike use of nuclear weapons against the people of Iran. The first strike use of nuclear weapons threatens the future of the human species on this planet.

4. In 1996 the alert system in Russia detected what was thought to be an oncoming missile and we came close to nuclear war. It is critical that nuclear disarmament and mutual understanding move forward to avoid future nuclear standoffs.